Hayakawa Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Hayakawa Densen Kogyo Group

Group Chairman

Mr. Masao Hayakawa                                                                                                                                      

The Hayakawa Densen Kogyo Group carries out global business operations based on the Hayakawa Business Spirit. We have made all our best to make wiring harness  with Japanese quality  since we started our company in 1964. And we got your great patronage globally since our first global branch in USA 1985.


We will own social responsibility as members of company, and try to be help to all people in the world.  As our philosophy, we keep making effort to create better quality product, customer satisfaction, caring environment  by our production  way.




Masahiro Hayakawa                                                                                                                                                  

 Our motto [ Quality is our ‘ life ‘ , ‘Good Products  ‘is our heart ], High quality  production   must be remind as the most important company philosophy ,and also we make all our effort to add value in yours like .

I hope we keep developing with continuously brushing up, and getting your further .

Our way to care our customer  

 We globally support you  to get the best solution on your business

We propose you the best production / logistic way

We following world recognized international standards like IATF and ISO to keep high quality

We care about environmental problem via green procurement

We support you using our experience for higher Value solution ( VE. VA)

We reduce your cost via our one stop procurement network